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To all my Social Network

Hi all and thanks for your time reading this.

I have just spent the last 4 months working on my website creating and adding content to get new work in.

One section I lack in is contemporary portraits. This is a section I want to build upon and especially with people I know. To create a good variety of portraits I am going to base them on 5 subjects:

  1. Business ( You dressed ready for work either in your work place or studio )
  2. Nude ( Artistic portrait not showing anything of course )
  3. Arty ( Leaving the creativity to me )
  4. Fun ( Natural showing off your funny side )
  5. Editorial ( Again, leaving it up to my creativity to come up with something different )

Whoever is up for it, you will get a choice of the style above. However, to keep the variety for my website I am limiting each section to 10 places per section ( first come first served basis ).

So, this is the deal… I have over 1100 people on my Facebook alone, and I am offering the first 50 people to message me direct who wants a FREE portrait within the style above. I will take your details and then get back to you with a shoot date and time. We will discuss your shoot before hand so we are fully prepared for the day.

You will receive all the pics taken with the final pic(s) I have selected to go on my website. The chosen pics for my website will be fully retouched and of the standard I require.

All pics you receive will be available to use on any of your social media platforms or personal use.

In return… All I am asking for is your time and permission to use the pictures for my website.

Unfortunately, I can not photograph any of my friends in far away countries, unless you’re doing a trip to the UK soon.


If you are interested, please contact me now and I look forward to catching up with you.

Speak soon





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